Learn to Train Like a World Champion

World Class body building training with IFBB Hall of Fame Champion Mohamed Makkawy

One on one with Mohamed Makkawy

World Class body building training with IFBB Hall of Fame Champion Mohamed Makkawy

Body Sculpting by a Champion

World Class body building training with IFBB Hall of Fame Champion Mohamed Makkawy

Championship Training Programs

Each program is designed following the most accurate principles  of Anatomy, Physiology and Exercise Biomechanics  targeting Strength and Maximum Muscle Growth.


Our coaching program is for everyone.

“I started training with Mohamed a little less than a year ago and am really happy and honored to train under a professional of such caliber. Having been a competitive athlete for more than 10 years (predominantly as a kickboxer), I definitely value Mohamed’s solid approach with a focus on developing good foundation and identifying areas that require most attention. I started seeing changes in my body within a few weeks into training and my whole conditioning improved a lot.

Apart from other great qualities, Mohamed is a great person to work with, has seemingly infinite knowledge on the subject of strength training and bodybuilding, and has a keen sense of what is important in your particular situation.”

- Alexander Korobov

“I starting working with Mo at a time when I had significant back and neck injuries. I was seeing a chiropractor and needed a trainer to develop a program for me that addressed my injuries and helped me build back my strength. From the first evaluation Moe was able to identify key deficiencies and put together a plan to address those as well as improve my strength and mobility.
Moe and I have worked together for three years now and it has been a pleasure. His knowledge of the body is impressive and he has kept me in good shape.

He has also been open to working with my chiropractor, (exchanging ideas and feedback) to provide me with a holistic approach to physical health. Apart from the professional capabilities, Moe is a pleasure to work with and always seems to have a smile..”

- Aubrey Baillie

“I started training with Mohamed about 3 years ago. He has taught me so much about strength, fitness and nutrition. His approach is very holistic. As a woman in my mid 50’s, I feel stronger than ever. I attribute much of that to Mohamed. I feel he really cares about my health. He was very helpful in exercising me back to health after an injury. I will forever be grateful for his wisdom, encouragement and guidance.”

- Doris Stamml

“From my very first interaction with Mo it was clear that he is extremely passionate about what he does. His meticulous analysis of my goals and training history led to a smart, comprehensive strategy and a path to real results. Mo always delivers a ton of value as a trainer; his depth of knowledge is unmatched, his workouts are tough and effective, and his experience shines through at every turn. I know that he really cares about his clients’ results, and I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about hitting their goals.”

- Michael Schwartze

“I’ve been very fortunate to have Mo as my trainer. With a torn meniscus in my knee that was recommended to be operated on, I saw Doctor who did a great rehab job and got the knee moving. He sent me down to Mohamed and Mo did an amazing job strengthening not just my knee, but my whole body in the spring of 2015. I was able to ski during the winter of 2016 which amazed me given how damaged the knee had been. Mo is so knowledgeable regarding the body and how to train the body to get it to the point we want to have it I’m so grateful for all of his work and knowledge.”

- Ted Clarkson

Work with a Champion to obtain your goals!

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Mohamed Makkawy wishes to acknowledge and mention a special thanks to Mr. Norm Lamarche and Mr. David Schroeder for their unconditional support and for the use of their own facilities to create photos for these lessons.