More than 35 years in personal training

I have always wanted the average individual to experience how a champion trains , goes on diet and carry on with normal life style .Those individuals need to pick up and learn the positive championship attitude to build , improve the looks of their bodies and make a better use of their time not only that but also learn the right exercises for their goal which will keep them injury free for the rest of their lives.

I came to personal training by choice because I found that many personal trainers are simply

Ignorant . the moment they pass their certification exam , they forget nearly everything they read and then proceeded to experiment on unsuspecting trusting clients who pay for this unique service.

Unfortunately I found that many trainers are pure cheats , they talk about exercises to their

Clients then stand back , with no correction done to clients form . some will go to sit down on a stool or the nearest bench violating the very basic safety ethics that a trainer should have to prevent clients from injuring themselves if they fall or cannot simply finish the exercise.

I have seen many horrible acts by the so called personal trainers .

This great job has been unfortunately not only infested by outsiders and trainers wannabbees who should be kicked out of the gym but unfortunately we also find that many gym operators never mind that because they do not only get the membership fees from the clients but also get a cut from those fake trainers whom they employ and as long as the client signed a waiver , the club or the gym will not be responsible for any of their injuries.

That it is why I have been and still greatly successful in my personal training career .

I am your ultimate trainer among the most experienced .

I came from professional bodybuilding with a treasure chest full of the most biomechanically accurate number of exercises and movements into personal training coupled with my long experience in Post Rehab Training as a Medical Exercise Specialist in order to keep clients safe and to advance their progress .

The disaster today is that there are billions of cell phones on hand with so many exercises that are all similar , aimless with no goal , experience or real practice behind it .

As a result , you will find that ( he or she ) who got some exercises from wherever , hurry , post them on line asking viewers and followers if they wanted to look as great as they do then BUY my program , I will make you lose fat and look better than ever .

Innocent viewers go and get those fake programs that are all plagiarized from other sources and begin to do them without researching who are those individuals who sold the program or what experience or background they have , or can I trust that far away never met before person.

This is where I come in to assist and guide you with the most accurate instruction and world class teaching .

Those fake trainers who peddle fake programs on line are increasing in number, and as a viewer and someone who is looking for real training program to improve your life , health and physical appearance , you need to ask questions , who are these individuals and where do they come from , are they actual trainers .

These are all valid questions and must be asked before making a decision to get a program from someone you never heard of before .

Many people in our society get driver’s licence , but how many could actually drive , remember and understand the rules and regulations of driving ?

Not Many .

By the same token , many personal trainers are the same , I see them all the time and what is worse is that if they see an exercise somewhere and like , they rush with their shallow knowledge and start teaching it to their clients without finding out if the client need it or not .

Adding a new exercise will make them a little more knowledgeable in the eyes of their clients .

What is more pathetic is that when these ignorant trainers start teaching some of the new exercises they saw some where outside , they continue to circle around them pointing their fingers to the wrong area as to where the exercise was supposed to work and as a result clients make mistakes due to the wrong biomechanics of their bodies .

What is more disastrous is that trainers fail to make distinction between a woman’s body and that of a man in regards to choosing the correct needed exercises .

They make women train like men


Little wonder many women start to look like men especially if they had broader shoulders to begin with .

The lack of experience , knowledge of exercises and exercise biomechanics , expose many trainers ignorance and they proved that they were fake , gave fake programs they themselves did not do .

Lastly , you should ask yourself : Do I want to train with some unknown with no experience ? Or choose to train and supervised by someone who is Real with proven experience .


What is bodybuilding ?

Why is it called bodybuilding ?


According to the dictionary the word Classic means high quality , judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind , remarkably and instructively typical.

Synonyms: outstanding , excellent ,superior , first -rate ,authoritative , ageless ,timeless , quintessential , distinguished and paramount .

And when it comes to bodybuilding we find ourselves at a loss , how are these above mentioned words describing Classic apply to bodybuilding world today ?

It seems as there is perpetual race to who is going to be the biggest no matter what the consequences are or will be in terms of personal health and ugly looks .

I do have a question here that a lot of people may have asked before : How big is big ?

And how much more bigger does anyone wants?

It is clear that most of those who want to get big and are in competition level or want to be , do not bother with health consequences after their un announced use of sports performance drugs , simply because they do not know how to train correct and smart without necessarily using light weights .

And as they get enormously big , they all end up looking the same as if they all followed the same training plan .

And even when they pose , they do the same meaningless crab or crunch poses with multiple ugly faces , at that point it becomes a contest on how to get big and ugly and that is a far cry from bodybuilding let alone Classic .

True bodybuilding is all about being healthy , proportionately built with a great result that is [leasing to the eye , not that Bloated look which is nothing but Grotesque , Ugly and Freaky which is a clear demonstration of the use of illegal sports performance drugs which produce an un realistic unattainable look for everyday bodybuilding fan .

When I competed , I used my deep knowledge of Olympic Weightlifting Training , exercise biomechanics . The way I trained made me look as if I was 200 lbs where I reality I was between 150 to 155 lbs .

My fans looked at me and said : I could be like that , that is not unrealistic , I could look like that because it was attainable and could be done .

And here the discussion takes us to another important issue which is the core of Bodybuilding itself .

Bodybuilding is subjective , just like figure skating it depends on how you look on stage under the lights , and not on how big and how much do you weigh.

The judges sit down nearly 15 feet away from the stage with eye level at the floor , so we end up with optical illusion .

It is what the judges eyes allows them to see from that low angle .

As was in my case in my competitions , I always looked bigger than I was without actually being bigger , if you could do the same then I made my point .

Now , take anyone of those big bloated drug infested bodybuilders and watch how they move on stage , first they have no graceful moves , walk with difficulty sometimes , then watch how they try to pose , they do with great difficulty to breath and when they hit a pose they could hardly hold the pose for two seconds gasping for air with stomach puffing up and coming down.

You can clearly say that they have poor fitness and conditioning level , a sign of lack of knowledge of how to train properly .

Just a big block of drug infested bloated muscles .

And now a good number of supplement companies use some of these guys to advertise their products telling innocent readers or viewers to use those products if they wanted to look like that .

To me this looks like a con job or a fraud .

What about asking those drug infested guys to take a drug test and publish the results with the supplements ad , or ask if the supplement line existed when these guys started bodybuilding , it is truly amazing to see clear fraud and a cheat job and continue to pretend it did not exist

Many gym operators bring some of these bloated guys to speak in their gyms to promote the gym business and talk about bodybuilding to the innocent gym members advising them on how to develop their physiques ..REALLY ??? With WHAT ??, may be some tips on how to eat ?

Can any of these monsters provide the gym members with a result of recent drug test to show that at least they are believable ? NO , they do not .

It is just a freak show in the gym to sell some tickets to cope with this unrealistic fee that some of those drug monsters ask for.

It is painfully obvious that today’s bodybuilding is anything but bodybuilding

Classic is the bodybuilding clean way to build health .

Just read again what the dictionary says about the word Classic . I will add : Natural