Advanced Bodybuilding Competition Training Plan, Advanced Bodybuilding Diet and Supplements Analysis

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Upon Registration please send in three photos of yours  (in shorts ,  front , side and back relaxed poses )  with your current Training and Nutrition plan  including supplements, and will receive your new  Customized Tailored Training and Nutrition Program designed in person by Champion Mohamed Makkawy Mr Universe, Fit for your  all competition needs  . The Analysis  Addresses  Training Goals ( Muscle Hypertrophy , Sharp Definition , Sticking Points , Food habits ) Detailed in sets and reps with a list of suitable supplements  that are compatible with your metabolism  , and How and When to use them  .  The Analysis is  Followed for 6 Months. .Allow Seven To Ten Working Days from the day you registered   Please forward all your  information to


Send in three  photos of yours ( in shorts , front , side and back relaxed poses)  with your current training and nutrition plans , including supplements, to be assessed before designing your custom tailored program. Please send in your photos  upon registration  .Allow  Seven  to Ten Working Days from the day you registered to receive  the final Analysis . Please send all your information to: