Detailed Custom Training Program

$349.99 $249.99

Send in three photos and the current plan you are on to be analyzed before sending your final plan. Allow  Seven To Ten Working Days from the day you register and send your photos.

Send in three photos of yours ( in shorts , front , side , and back relaxed poses ) with the current plan you are on for analysis  , No matter what your Goal is , Whether it is FAT LOSS , Strength and Endurance Or a body part that is lagging in development , The Training Program will be CUSTOMIZED  in Person by Champion Mohamed Makkawy  Mr Universe  to cover all your Muscle building needs Down to sets and reps ,PLUS a BUILT IN Cardio Program , All are in Timely fashion with your LIFESTYLE SCHEDULE . If you ordered a diet plan as well , then both will be matched to get you Maximum Performance Results. THIS Training Plan is to be followed for 12 weeks    
Allow  Seven  to Ten Working Days from the registration day before receiving your final plan . Please send all your information to