Over 40 , 50 Years Old Anti Aging Customized Longevity Strength And Conditioning Training Plan

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After Registration  , Please send in Three pictures in training shorts ( Front , Side and Back View ) in relaxed pose showing your current shape , Plus a short history showing if you ever had any Joint Injury , Arthritis  or any issues affecting muscle performance  and their range of motion  . Also  send in  a copy of your current training plan  detailing how many days , sets and reps, and the type of machines used if any in your workout . All these information will be useful in designing a precise  to perfection Anti Aging Personal Training Program to answer all your Longevity Strength and Fitness needs .  Please forward all required information plus your contact email address . Allow seven (7) to Ten (10) business days from registration date to receive your customized Longevity Strength and Conditioning  Training Plan which will have a Built In Suitable  Cardio  Training Guidelines . For Maximum Benefits and Great Results , it is recommended to follow the Plan  for sixteen (16 ) weeks with no interruption . 



This Anti Aging  Plan targets  Total Longevity  Strength and Conditioning  Training for those who are 40 , 50yrs old and over taking into account the personal history  of any joint injuries including  Low Back Pain ,   The Champion  Mohamed Makkawy  being a Sports Performance Coach and a Medical Exercise Specialist will Customize the plan  In Person to Fit You like a glove based on his 40 plus years in Strength and Conditioning and Injury Rehab and Recovery Training  Coaching Experience